Guidelines for Authors

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Guidelines for Authors

Authors are invited by the Editors or a Guest Editor to contribute articles to the world of music. Each volume has a special topic that is developed by the Editors, Guest Editor and Authors.
The following are general guidelines for those submitting articles to be considered for publication in the world of music:

1. Article Texts

Manuscripts are to be submitted to the Editors, who reserve the right to have them refereed by specialists and to copy-edit them in cooperation with the author. Only research data not published elsewhere will be accepted for publication in the journal. The average article contains from 10 to 15 or 20 to 24 printed pages (if writing for a Guest Editor, please confer with him or her as to special requirements), which include space for the abstract, pictures/illustrations/ musical examples and their captions, footnotes and bibliography. We estimate approximately 2,800 characters (i.e. 550 words) per printed page. Please submit final manuscripts in hard copy as well as on a 3.5 inch computer diskette formatted for IBM-compatible computers, indicating which word processing software was used. (MacIntosh users are requested to reformat their files for IBM-PCs before submitting them.) The publishers have their own formatting template, so manuscripts should be kept simple: no special fonts (even for titles or headings) and marking only with italics--for foreign words--and bold print, where necessary.

2. Illustrations

Authors are encouraged to submit photographs (black-and-white, or color with good contrast), slides, diagrams, illustrations and/or musical examples. Such illustrative material should be submitted in camera-ready form, with captions and credits provided. Please write the number and caption on the back of each photo or illustration.

3. Footnotes and References

Footnotes appear at the end of each article. Do not use full bibliographic references in the article text, footnotes, or captions, but refer simply to the author, year of publication and, when appropriate, page numbers. Example:

This is also a kind of historicism (Kojak 1996:129).
Complete bibliographical information should then appear in a special section after the "Notes," under "References." Examples:

For an article—
Kojak, Edward 1996 "The Shepherd in European Art Music." Musical Pastoralism 38(1):95-138.

For an article within a book—

Schoenborn, Frederick 1979 "Great Baroque Houses in Franconia." In Franconia Has It All. Peter Schlenkerla, ed. Bamberg: Görres Press, 29-44.

For a book—
Grundy, Solomon 1988 Living on Mondays. Paris: University of Paris Press.

Please write the full name of the author and, for books, the publisher and place of publication.

4. Deadlines

Manuscripts (on diskette and one hard copy) should be delivered to the Editors by the following deadlines, which do not necessarily apply to unsolicited manuscripts:

Vol. 1: September 30th
Vol. 2: January 31st
Vol. 3: May 31st

You will receive a set of galleys for a final check. Upon correction, these are to be returned to the Editors in Bamberg for final proofreading. Each author receives 25 off-prints of their article and one free copy of the issue. All authors also have the right to order their volume and all other publications of the Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung in Berlin at a 30% discount.

5. Checklist

Here is a short checklist when you send your manuscript to us:

1. Hard copy (with clear indications of diacritical marks) and 3.5" computer diskette (formatted for IBM-PC), marked with word processing program used. The text includes:
a. Abstract of about 10 lines
b. Footnotes, if necessary
c. References

2. Photos, slides, diagrams, illustrations and/or musical examples, numbered in order on back and complete with captions and credits. (Permissions for use should also be obtained, when necessary.) Position of each illustration is clearly marked in text.
3. Some biographical information about yourself (see past issue of the world of music for content and length).
4. Are all your addresses included? (Postal, fax, e-mail)
The Editors of the world of music look forward to working with you!

Max Peter Baumann
last revision: Thursday, March 30, 2006
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